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Why you should study abroad

Study abroad is an integral part of Alfred University’s commitment to ensuring that every student develops a global perspective while at Alfred. With planning, students can study abroad and graduate on time - no matter which discipline they are pursuing.

Students who have the opportunity to live and study outside the United States gain an understanding of another environment and culture. This allows them to start their working life with cross-cultural interpersonal skills that will give them a distinct advantage in our increasingly globalized society. In addition, they typically make great gains in personal confidence and learn valuable insights about their own culture.

Alfred offers a wide variety of programs aimed at meeting the needs of all our students. Students can participate in direct exchanges with one of our partner universities, or take advantage of the range of semester-long and summer programs offered by our approved study abroad organizations.  Those who are looking for a short-term sojourn abroad can try one of our faculty-led courses. As you will discover from our programs page, we offer study abroad opportunities in every corner of the globe.  Education Abroad is ready to help you find the program that is right for you. 

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