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Budgeting for study abroad

Four ways to study abroad, four financial frameworks

You choose the one that's best for you:

Program Type

  Whom do I pay?   Which aid can I use?

AU Partner University

Tuition, the general student fee, and AU's study abroad application fee are paid to AU; room and board are paid to the host university.

  Federal, state and institutional aid (except for the housing stipend)

ISEP Exchange

Tuition, the general student fee, room and board (double room and the King Alfred meal plan), AU's study abroad application fee, and an ISEP surcharge are paid to AU.

  Federal, state and institutional aid (including the housing stipend)

AU-Approved S.A. Organization

You will pay only AU's study abroad application fee directly to AU. All other costs, including the full program fee, are paid directly to the study abroad organization.

  Federal aid can apply.

AU Faculty-Led Program

Program costs are paid to AU.

  Financial Aid does not apply towards the cost of short term programs


Study abroad budgeting

Just like at AU, being a student means budgeting for more than just tuition, fees, room and board.

Student expenses include:

  • Application and/or placement fees (vary by program)
  • Local transportation
  • Books and supplies
  • Special course fees
  • Health insurance (for your host country) 

Budget items specific to study abroad include:

  • Passport
  • Airfare (or other travel to the program)
  • Entry visa fees
  • Additional immunizations or health screenings, if applicable
  • Personal expenses, including leisure travel and entertainment.

Program budgets

As a guide, we provide estimated budgets for all AU-approved programs. All costs provided are estimates and are only intended to help you plan a budget. They are not intended for use in calculating a final budget or payment.

For AU Partner Universities, AU-ISEP Exchange, and AU Faculty-Led programs:

To see a program's budget, navigate to its online brochure on this site. At the top of the brochure, right above the purple "Fact Sheet" header, will be a link labeled by the term (Spring/Fall/Academic Year/Calendar Year). Please note that a posted budget may reflect a different year than you are considering; see the tuition notes to identify the year represented.

For AU-Approved Study Abroad Organizations

You will only pay a nominal application fee to AU, and all other costs will be paid directly to the organization. Organizations often publish their "Program Fee" on their website up to 6 months in advance. Program fees commonly include all of the budget items listed above, plus included insurance, orientations, day or overnight trips, cultural and social activities, and more.

It is important to pick a program that fits your financial needs.