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How much does study abroad cost?

That depends on what type of program you choose. With some of our programs, you pay your regular AU tuition while you're abroad. Others have an entirely separate program cost you would pay instead of your AU tuition. To find out more about the different program types, check out “Smart study abroad budgeting” and “Finding your best fit program” in the sidebar.

Can I use my financial aid?

Yes, federal financial aid is applicable to all approved programs. In addition, state and institutional aid apply to exchange and ISEP programs. For more information, check out “Smart study abroad budgeting” in the sidebar.

What programs work with my major?

There are two quick ways to find out which programs are a good fit for your major. Firstly, under the Programs tab, you can filter your search by subject area. The second thing you can do is to request an Education Abroad Guide for your college (Engineering, Business etc.) from These guides recommend specific programs by college and occasionally by discipline.

Can I use APEX?

Yes, all study abroad programs are eligible for APEX funding. Assuming you meet APEX requirements, you will be able to apply after completing your study abroad application.

How do I choose a program?

When picking a program, the three main things to keep in mind are Courses, Cost and Experience. You want to make sure that your program keeps you on track for your degree, isn’t too expensive, and is going to be a good fit for you in terms of location, language etc. If you have any questions, make sure to set up a meeting with our Education Abroad advisor by following the steps under the “Getting Started” tab.

How will I get to my host country?

 Typically, students traveling for semester or year-long programs are responsible for making and paying for their own flight arrangements, although some of these programs may arrange for group travel. Faculty led programs have travel arranged for them through Education Abroad. Check with EA if you are not sure about your situation.

Most programs will specify a certain arrival time and place, so that all program participants can be met as a group by program staff.  If this is the case with your program, it is essential that you make your travel arrangements accordingly. Also, entry visa processes for some countries require round trip tickets, so check the requirements before you book. 

What will housing be like in my host country?

All approved programs will arrange housing for their students. This may take the form of homestays, living in student housing or apartments. For specifics, please consult your program information.

Can I get student discounts while studying abroad?

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a widely recognized proof of student status and is a possibility for study abroad students. There is a small fee associated with getting the card. Services available through ISIC include student discounts, travel insurance, international cell phone options, student flight providers, and more.

To see if ISIC offers benefits in your host country, visit:

What do all these program acronyms mean?

When searching through our database of programs, you will see a lot of acronyms like ISEP, CIEE, AIFS and more. These refer to the companies or consortiums that administer the programs. The important thing to know is that ISEP programs are exchange programs and thus all of your financial aid applies. On the other hand, companies such as CIEE and AIFS set their own prices which can be higher or lower depending on where you’re going. Remember to check the specific program information for details